Quick and Easy Drawer Liners

drawers after  Do you have ugly drawers?  Come on, we all have those drawers that over the years have been abused.  My mother told me when we moved into our home years ago, better put liners in the drawers and on your kitchen shelves and then she put them in for me because she knew I wouldn’t!  I was 7 months pregnant with our oldest girl when we moved into our home, so my wonderful Mom cleaned my kitchen from top to bottom for me!  Mom had her own business as a house cleaner so she had everything including all the appliances done in a few hours.  Anyways, line your drawers especially if you have children.

These drawers are from a vanity that I’m refinishing and they show their age.  They are in great shape on the outside, wonderful dovetails and are very solid.  On the inside, well, they have stains and dried I don’t know what on them.  I cleaned and sanded them and they still look horrible.  I would normally just replace the bottom and call it a day, but these are more difficult to replace, they are glued with little pieces of wood to the sides.  I don’t want to spend the time to change them out so I just lined the drawers with some pretty wrapping paper that I bought.  Most of the time when I line drawers of the furniture that I do, I decoupage my material(napkins, wrapping paper, wallpaper or fabric) onto foam board cut out to fit the drawers.  I like to do that so my customers can change them out with little effort.  This time, I’m applying the paper directly to the bottom of the drawer.


Supplies you will need:

* Drawer that needs to be lined

* Ruler

* Scissors or Exacto Knife

* Spray Adhesive ( I’m using 3M Super 77)

* Wrapping Paper

drawer supplies

How To:

  1.  Measure your drawers front to back and side to side.
  2.  Take those measurements and cut out your paper.  My paper was super easy because it has the grids on the back!!  I’m horrible at cutting straight lines.  If my paper didn’t have the grid, I mark my measurements on the paper at intervals and then use a yardstick to draw lines of where I need to cut.
  3.   Cut the pieces for your drawers.
  4.   Clear your surface and get your drawer and adhesive.
  5.   Put your paper in each drawer to make sure they fit.  This is your dry run.
  6.   Shake your can well.
  7.   Turn your paper over (pretty side down on your table) and spray all over lightly.
  8. Gently position your paper in the drawer and press it in place.  3M adhesive allows you to reposition and has a good time before it gets too sticky.
  9.  Repeat for other drawers.
  10.  Pat yourself on the back because you are a Rock Star!!!

I will be applying Minwax Polycrylic to mine for extra protection but you don’t have to.

drawers after

Thanks for reading and please share or pin me!!!

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