Do-It-Yourself Project: How to Paint An Entryway Table With Miss Lillian’s No-Wax Chock Paint.


This is what this Lane Entryway Table looked like when I found it.  It isn’t a bad looking piece, just kind of boring and out-dated looking.  The shiny fake dark wood-look isn’t exactly at the top of the must-haves for anyone’s home right now.  What is always in demand is a quality built all wood table and this cute table definitely has it.

I love pieces like this, quality built, solid wood and in great shape!  They make for a quick and easy transformation.  I am going classic farmhouse with this table.  A simple creamy white but no distressing.Entryway table

Before painting any piece of furniture, you must clean it really well.  There are so many brands of paint that say they don’t need any prep work and they might look good for a while, but for a paint job to last, you must have a clean surface to begin.  I sell my pieces and I do custom work for clients, my pieces must last for years and I can’t imagine just slapping paint, any paint on a dirty surface.  All furniture is dirty no matter how clean you keep your home.  Layers of wax from polishing, layers of dust and dirt in crevices built-up over years, and any topcoat on your piece needs to be removed before you paint.  There are many different ways and products to clean your piece.  For this table, I used TSP(trisodium phosphate) and water.  TSP is a heavy-duty cleaner and will take layers of build-up off your furniture.  It will remove topcoats and layers of paint and makes the surface a little rough so you might not have to sand as much.  I wear rubber gloves and if I’m indoors I wear a mask and make sure I have ventilation.  Mix some with water and scrub your piece down, I use rags and the little kitchen sponges with a scrub pad to clean.  I went back over the table with a clean damp rag to make sure I removed all the residue from the TSP.  If you don’t remove it, your paint will peel.  Allow your piece to dry completely before going any further.


I went over this with some sandpaper, 220 grit, really quickly and then wiped all the dust off with a clean damp rag.  Let dry and then I was ready to paint.  So far, I have about 30 minutes of work in this piece.  I used Miss Lillian’s No-Wax Chock Paint in Fresh Sweet Cream and painted 2 coats.  I love Miss Lillian’s, it has great coverage and I like the thickness of the paint.  I always have a spray bottle filled with water to spray the paint if it starts sticking as I paint.  I even painted the handles!  I do a quick sanding with 400 grit sandpaper after each coat of paint.  You do not have to sand if you want a more rustic feel, but I like mine to be butter smooth!  I applied 3 coats of polycrylic to the top and 2 coats to the body.  I like Minwax Polycrylic on light colors because I don’t have to worry about discoloration.  I sand lightly in between coats of polycrylic with 400 grit sandpaper for a super smooth finish.  I do not sand the final coat.

I think this turned out wonderful.  Clean, classic and simple.


This is a very simple project and I hope you try painting some of your old furniture to freshen it up.  It’s only paint and you aren’t going to mess it up.  If you have any questions or comments, let me know!

Until our next project….




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