Welcome Friends!  I’m so glad that you found me.  I hope you find inspiration and the confidence to tackle some of the projects that are on your “To-Do” Lists, and maybe add a few!!

Our homes should show the personalities of those who live in it.  I hope to show you some projects to bring your personality out in your home.  Your home should be uniquely yours.  I enjoy doing all kinds of projects around our home, many crafty things and some not so much fun to do.

When we moved into our home, neither my hubby nor I knew much about household things, and since money is always tight, I’ve learned a great number of tips and tricks to get things done.  My two daughters have brought out my inner creative and I’m running with it!  I have never thought of myself as a crafty or creative person, my mother was always that person for me.  I began my journey in a crazy way about 14 months ago, that was when I refinished my first piece of furniture.  Taking an old and outdated dresser and updating it stirred my soul.  I knew then that this is what I was meant to do with my life.  I knew nothing about stripping wood or painting, but I started researching and learning.  I put that first dresser on a few FaceBook Yard Sale sites and it was paid for and picked up within 30 minutes!  It never occurred to me that I sold it for next to nothing, I sold it is what mattered!!!  That sale was great for my confidence but not for our bank account.  I have learned much since then, one of the things has been that not everyone can afford to buy a quality refinished piece of furniture and that is why I have started this site.  I will show you how I create some of my pieces, tell you what products I used and how to use them so you can transform your home.  I hope you learn and enjoy!